Aug 28, 2012

LINK LOVE: So YOU don't like my braids?

I'm not one to say that my box braids are new to the scene. We know box braids (previously known as Poetic Justice braids, then Brandy Braids, now Solange Braids) are pretty popular these days. Every day I see a new friend with a new installation of box braids. There's even a whole blog dedicated to the style: I Love Box Braids. So, you'd think that everyone is in love with the style.

However, I ran across my one of my favorite bloggers, Eden Hansom, who posted quotes from some guys who don't like box braids - for shame!!! So many times, ladies change their hair to please men, but what if your favorite style isn't his favorite? Check the quotes below:

“I haven’t seen any girl look good in it at all. Honestly, and when it’s trailing down to your butt all extra long and extravagant for no reason I think it’s ridiculous. Nothing’s better than natural hair. Even if it’s short and simple, that’s better than long, silly and fake.” –Greg, 22

“Na, that trend is wack. Can’t wait for it to be over. Not everything retro looks good. Last week I saw a girl in overalls, really? Cut it out. I get it. Some things are “fashionable” or “trendy” or whatever , but what about just keeping it smooth and sexy? Doesn’t that matter anymore?” –James, 27

I mean, I'm not naive enough to think that everyone would like one of my favorite protective style. But when you read through their cringe-worthy comments, one would wonder, "Who made them mad?" LOL.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of Eden's post
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