Aug 1, 2012

Discussion: Ok. The salon isn't THAT bad...

When I began writing for NIN, I was a bit jaded by the stylist who damaged my delicate curls and blamed it on my coarse texture. In one of my first posts, "How to break up with your stylist", why I broke up with said stylist.

However, I recently went to a hair salon to get extensions installed. I was not thrilled at the idea of sitting in the salon chair for hours; but the experience was the complete opposite of everything I remembered (and despised) about hair salons. I met some awesome women. We sang and had 'salon' conversation. It was fun and therapeutic. The moral is, there are some great stylists out there who can do more than just offer to straighten your hair. You just have to be more discriminating about to whom you trust your tender tresses.

And I must say, it does make a difference when someone specializes in natural hair. Once you get past the stress of finding someone to efficiently care for coily hair, you can enjoy the good things about salons. Here is a reminder of a few reasons why salons are not that bad.

  • You do not have to do your own hair. The tired arms. 30 minutes JUST to detangle in the shower. Parting the back of your hair is SO much easier with an extra set of eyes. It also doesn't require 3 mirrors, a lamp, and a level to make sure your parts are straight.
  • You can meet great new people. There are some people who are just fabulous. These fabulous people may be found in the chair next to yours, styling your hair, under the dryer.... somewhere in a salon. Sometimes, socializing IS fun.
  • You can exchange useful information. No one knows everything about hair. Not you. Not Natural in Nashville. Not even your stylist. However, when you go to a hair salon and exchange information with a stylist who specializes in natural hair, you benefit from the information. Your stylist also gets to learn more about your hair and your regimen. Getting information from a trusted source ensures that you don't walk around believing hair myths
  • Your stylist can see your hair in a way that you can't. That's right. You can't see bumps in the back of your scalp. You can't get a decent view of the upper rear portion of your head without 3 mirrors, a pogo stick, and a magnifying glass. But a professional stylist can.
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I'm not pushing you to sit in a salon every 4 weeks, but I am suggesting that readers attempt to find a salon for regular maintenance and perhaps... a nice style. Not all stylists are relaxer slinging tangle snatchers. There's bound to be a stylist to make you remember why you DO like salons after all.
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