Aug 13, 2012

Candce's Hair Diary: Cuts, Curls, and Colored Weaves

I made an appointment to get my very first set of extensions.But in the meantime...  I cut my hair again. The last time I cut my hair I did it at work. Then in the third week of June I cut it again. At my desk. With regular, paper cutting scissors. After I was gently rebuffed for that by our editor, I decided to buy some more hair scissors, stop being afraid, and cut off my damaged ends! So I did just that. I'm sure I removed most of the tragedy that was last year's horrible  dye job. The damage started at the roots but has grown out to be the now the fragile ends of my hair. But I did three cuts in 3 months! Anyway, my hair was visibly shorter, but it only made me realize how much growth I've had.

The Curl
But I needed a hair break and I needed something to last for another week until my appointment. So... I tried curls again. I used 2 different sizes of flexirods and some hard rollers (I kept running out of things to roll my hair with). This time I sat under the dryer for about an hour. The results are much more tolerable when I sleep overnight. Plus, I sat under the dryer for a full hour and about 20% of my hair wasn't even close to being dry. But those were tucked and pinned throughout the week. This style was enough to get by all week until my hair appointment. I only a slight fan of curls, but... a girl's gotta do what  a girl's gotta do. A bobby pin here and scarf there and I made these curls last.
That stretch in the top left is AFTER I cut my hair.

The Colored Weave
And finally, I GOT EXTENSIONS! This was my first time ever in life getting extensions, and I had no idea what to do with them.... at first. I started to reconsider whether I was ready for the big huge afro that I'm determined to grow. Oh but... it's been a few weeks in and I have gotten the hang of managing all this hair. I'm rocking bright red and black twists like I'm Rihanna's kinky-haired cousin. I thought it would be weird having hair on my head that isn't my own. And it is was. But I think it's gotten easier because:
1.) I'm not wearing another human's hair or animal hair. This stuff is synthetic. It's like wearing a polyester hat... except not like that at all. I mean... it's just material next to my hair.
B.) I had no idea what to do with so much hair but thanks to YouTube, I've gotten better at it. And
iii.) I have been whipping my hair back and forth so much that it's like second nature to me now.

It took me about a week to settle into this style. But now that I have... it's so... me. At least for another month or so. One thing I've noticed since going natural is that I'm becoming increasingly fearless with my hairstyles. I could have never seen me doing this much with my relaxed hair that was in a wrap 88% of the time. I like the fearless me.

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