Jul 23, 2012

TIPS & Techniques: Traveling with your natural hair

Right now people are planning to make this an awesome and memorable summer. But if you have natural hair, you may be a little scared to take your baby on the road. If this is your first official travel season with your natural hair you are probably wondering how to condense your routine and make sure you bring the most important products on the road with you. So, I've decided to help you with this daunting task. Below I'll give you some tips for traveling with natural hair.

Let's talk about the products: No matter the airline, your bags may get lost, so make sure to get travel size versions of your favorite products. Your favorite product doesn't come in travel size, buy some sturdy plastic containers and transfer your favorite products to bottles like the ones above. Then, make sure to put those products in your carry-on bag. That way you don't have to worry about losing your products or having TSA throwing something expensive in the trash. It happened to me, and I almost had a heart attack.

Let's talk about style: When I travel, I tend to lean on a protective style to keep me looking fly for my trip's duration. However, a friend of mine was heading home to her father's 65th birthday party. She rocked two-strand twists while the she traveled, then the day of the party, she released her hair so that she could have wonderful stretched ringlets. So, that's a good way to keep your style fly  . . . while you fly.

Let's talk accessories: Any girl knows, it's a good deal to have lots of accessories on hand when your hair decides to go left (when you wanted it to go right). As much planning may go into your trip, sometimes we may not plan enough - sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate. Having a supply of bobby pins, hair clips, scarves, and pretty pins is a great way to dress up your style. Just a couple of supplies will make it easy for your travel.

Let's talk water: If you are going on vacation this summer, most likely you will hit the beach. Even if you don't hit the beach you have to worry about washing your hair in unknown water. When swimming make sure to pre-wet your hair with leave-in conditioner before swimming and/or braid it before heading to the beach. Also check out UrbanBushBabes tips for swimming with natural hair.

If you have to wash your hair while at your destination - you may want to try co-washing instead of using shampoo. Co-washing will rinse the debris from your hair while leaving all the good stuff on your strands. Click here for my tips on dealing with hard water at your vacation destination.

I hope this guide helps you pack light for your vacation. Remember, vacation isn't the time to worry about your hair - it's a time to have fun. Take it easy, keep it light, and let your curls fly free. Happy vacationing!
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