Jul 24, 2012

LINK LOVE: Taren916 shows us her 1 year hair growth

January 2012  - source
So, I was cruising the hair blogs and YouTubies and came across one of my faves, Taren916. Taren is a beautiful girl with a beautiful head of hair. What I like about Taren's page is that she isn't afraid to talk about 'real' hair issues. In previous videos she talked about yearning for her 'big curls' to come back, wearing wigs and weaves, and she even incorporates the male point of view. Oh yeah, she's quite the fashionista as well.

July 2012 - source
When she first started her YouTube channel she had a head full of lust-worthy curls. Then . . . she cut her hair - OFF! As one who yearns for the glory of the super fro, I couldn't imagine chopping my hair back down to TWA status. But she did it. Then decided to grow her hair back healthier than it was before. In true blogger format, she recorded the process and complied a video for her viewers.

 After one year, Taren's hair is more than amazing. If this doesn't inspire you to keep on your journey I don't know what will. Check it out:

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