Jul 4, 2012

DISCUSSION: Would you take length over looks?

What's more important to you: length or looks? Let's be honest: Most people love to see a huge fluffy fro, big curls caressed by the wind, or lengthy locs. There's something especially enticing about big long beautiful hair.

Personally, I always think 'Oh the styles I could achieve if my hair was down to my waist.' I'm sure that I wouldn't do half as much as I'd imagine, but it's nice to dream. When I do straighten my hair (2-3 times a year for a trim) none of you good people would be able to stand seeing me walk down the street. I have a super high bounce in my step even though my ends don't look as healthy as they should. Truthfully, one of you would tell me that I should probably cut some of my frayed ends. I'd respond like 'Oh, these split ends? Don't pay them any mind.' It's all about my bouncy long amazing (yet frayed and split) hair . . . right?

It's like . . . smooth curls with an extra pop of untangled and non-split ends make me want to give high fives and thumbs up to the wearer. I even want to touch the hair without asking. (Don't look at me like that. I said want.)

To be fair, longer hair is prone to split endsYears of manipulation can take its toll on longer strands. The longer its been on you head, the more care it needs so it won't split, shed, and look worn. Lots of long-haired naturals, like Teyana Taylor (below) work hard at protecting their hair so it doesn't split, fray, or get matted. 

Truthfully, we know length isn't every thing. It's kind of a quantity versus quality thing. Healthy hair is smooth and soft and luxurious. Healthy locs that are plump and moist. Healthy curls are shiny. Healthy hair is just lovely! Well maintained, healthy hair is EVERYTHING

What would you prefer? Waist length hair with its share of split ends, or shoulder length hair that was well moisturized and free of split ends?

Let us know in the comment section.
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