Jul 13, 2012

CELEB STYLE: Jill Scott back to her TWA

Oh lookie here! Last weekend at London Somerset House ‘Summer Series’ concert, Jill Scott rocked the stage with a new haircut.

For her last album, The Light of the Sun, the actress/singer surprised fans by getting a sleek short due complete with relaxer. Natural hair mavens were stunned but Jill kept it rocking. She showed that when you get down to it - - - it's just hair! You can go chemical free, you can cut it, you can fry it, dye it, or lay it to the side (a wig?), but in the end it's just hair.

So, I guess you can say that Jill is back to #TeamNatural? Jill Scott is just a beautiful woman and she can rock any hair style, so if she likes it, I love it. Maybe this will give YOU the courage to rock something different.
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