Jul 23, 2012

Ashiya's Hair: My Hair Fail is Still A Winner

The beauty of a growing online natural hair community is the amount of inspiration available for any style needs. One of my favorite YouTube channels for style inspiration for my locs is "The Look For Less" with BrozneGoddess01. The creative energy she uses to express her personal style is admirable.  She's not afraid to explore, which has served as inspiration for me.

When I needed a formal style for an event, I thought of a look I saw on "The Look for Less" over a year ago.  The loc tutorial titled, "African Regal Princess", is especially attractive because of what she calls a "two-for" in which the intended style creates a second look. 

After braiding all locs, the braids are pinned into a style that resembles a crown.  Very regal indeed.

 While I was excited to give the style a try, I was quickly reminded of the room for error.  After washing, braiding and carefully pinning my hair, it did not resemble a crown and was not very regal at all.  I tried to fix the style by taking the braids down and pinning my hair again, only to realize it was the way that I braided my hair that wouldn't allow me to achieve the same look.  While I could accept the fact that I braided my hair wrong, I was NOT about to re-braid my hair.

Although I was a bit frustrated that the style was not achieved, I was still delighted with the results: 

The style was not a complete fail. Regardless of the fail on the updo, I left my hair braided for almost two weeks.  After removing my braids, my hair held the waves for another two weeks.

I found a few new styles for my locs.  While trying to perfect the "Regal African Princess" look, I discovered four new ways to pin up my hair. 

Styling my locs for my Yoga practice..  I tend to stay away from updos because they are a challenge to my yoga practice at times.  Its hard to do inversions when your hair is piled on top of your head.  The frustration of pinning and re-pinning my up made me realize I could easily take my locs down for practice and pin them back up afterwards.

I found a new protective style.  Braiding my hair and pinning it offered a new way to protect my locs on the days that my hair needs rest.

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