Jun 19, 2012

Toya's Hair Diary: Summer, Summer, Summertime

Products used: Ampro Gel, Curl Max Curl Pudding & Activator, & Coconut oil

 Y'all...it's hot. I mean, it's getting really really hot. I can't be the only natural girly whose hair feels like a thick ball of fire in the summer months. Although I am looking forward to my hair growing a little more this summer (or so I hope), I have got to get this hair together.  I had to get my ends trimmed a few weeks ago after going too long without getting them done. It was just getting to a length that I really loved and then UGH! I had to get it cut. Let THIS be a reminder to everyone to not be so tired that you don't wrap your hair up at night. It's worth it. Anyway, I'm not loving my afro puff as much anymore and it's time to start getting creative. Natural hair is fly and I need to represent. So in an effort to keep it funky, I revisited my hairdo from when I was Janelle Monae at Shut Up and Sing in October.

October 2011

June 2012

It was so hard getting all of this hair to cooperate! I first had to try and blow dry the hair straight to stretch it out so I could pin it all back.  I looked all over the place for extra bobby pins to keep the back up. I was at the Jefferson Street Jazz and Blues Festival when thankfully I ran into Kiya from Lovely Bands who went out of her way to hook me up with even more bobby pins from her own head!  You gotta love the natural hair community.

I've been looking for Youtube videos to help me find an easier way to create this look as well as some other styles to pull my hair up in this heat. Here are some that I am feeling right now:

What change ups in your hairstyle have you tried because of the heat?
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