Jun 26, 2012

Style Tips: Styling mini-twists

Do you wear mini-twists? Do you get bored wearing your twists down? Below are a couple of styles I wear once I install my mini-twists - Here are a few style ideas.

Ponytail Faux-hawk

  • Divide your hair into three sections.
  • For each section, twist both sides of hair to the hair back of your head, then secure into a ponytail.
  • Center your ponytails above each other to hide the bands et voila! A cute faux-hawk.
  • Create a hump in the front to give your style a little pizzazz.

Back view of the ponytail faux-hawk
Side Twists

  • Take 3 (or more) sections.
  • Twist each section from one side to the other. This can be a two strand flat twist (above), or a roll.
  • Secure ends of flat twists with a hair pin to create a side-swept look.
 Preppy pin back

  • Create a part separating the top and bottom halves of hair.
  • On the top half, gather twists on one side, and twist back towards the center of hair. Secure with hair pin, or clip.
  • Repeat on other side. (the pin is showing in the photo on purpose. You can hide yours behind twists.
Chunky Half-Braided Style

  • Chunky braids at the top make this style a little more appealing.
  • The key to achieving this look is to pin the twists at the bottom of the braid UP instead of down. That way it looks like you have something of a pin-up when viewed from the back.
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