Jun 25, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: NAAT Brazilian Keratin

So the awesome people at NuNAAT sent the team a box of their product, NAAT Brazilian Keratin line. The info sheet stated the product is great for all hair types but works best for those with chemically straitened hair. That being said, the product line is made with nourishing products that work well with curly hair divas, as well.

The line includes:
  • Deep Conditioning Shampoo - Formulated with mild surfactants, Green Keratin and amino acids, all of which provide deep cleansing without being abrasive. Designed for daily use. Sodium chloride free.
  • Deep Conditioner -  Contains high-capacity conditioning ingredients so hair is easily untangled. Our exclusive formula contains Green Keratin and amino acids.Reduces frizz and tames unruly hair. Designed for daily use.
  • NAAT Intensive Hair Mask -  Apply after hair has been shampooed and rinsed in place of normal conditioner. The mask will intensely hydrate and repair hair fibers. Leave in for 10-20 minutes, then rinse well. To make hair even smoother, Deep Moisturizing Conditioner can be added to ends of hair after Intensive Hair Mask has been rinsed out. Use every one or two weeks, as necessary.
  • NAAT Brazilian Keratin Liquid Keratin Leave-In Re-constructor  - A non-rinse formula. Once a desired amount is applied to hair, leave in for a few minutes before blow-drying as usual. A flat iron seals hair cuticles, causing the keratin to effectively penetrate hair fibers. Designed for frequent use, or as needed.
  • NAAT Brazilian Keratin Serum Ultra Shine - Our special silicone formula creates a film that protects hair against environmental  damage, keeping it moisturized and providing extra conditioning, more shine and increased flexibility. This styling product can be used on wet or dry hair. Apply a small amount and distribute evenly. Use as often as desired.
Toya, Candice, and I used the product and we had mixed reviews. Below check out out high/lows and if we'd recommend the product to you!

MELISSA - So, you know I'm a NuNAAT girl! Their Karite Shea products are a must have for my coils. That's why I was happy to try this line. What I LOVED: The Deep Conditioner was extra moisturizing and the Intensive Hair Mask was WONDERFUL! It's a great deep conditioner that left my curls popping and my hair feeling pretty smooth. What I didn't like: The smell! I'm all for a great smelling product! This one wasn't one of my favorites. Another thing I didn't like was the shampoo - it was very watery. No slip, no creamy texture, and the smell was not too good. I can't recommend the the entire line, but I definitely recommend the conditioners!

TOYA -We got handed these products to review right when I was at the height of my "using all natural hair products" kick so I wasn't sure how my hair was going to react.  It had been quite a while since I used any sulfates in my hair.  With that being said, the products weren't drying at all! As a matter of fact, I really liked the way my hair sprung to life after I used the shampoo I found the deep conditioner and Intensive Hair Mask to be very moisturizing.  The only thing my hair didn't take to was the leave-in reconstructor.  It's a bit too light for my hair so my hair didn't react to it at.  All in all, it's a good system. 

CANDICE -  This was my first time using NuNAAT products. I enjoyed the smell. I didn't use the shampoo because it contained sulfates. I know my hair: it hates sulfates and it was going through a dry phase. I decided not to even go there with the shampoo. My hair is also not fond of the Intensive Hair Mask, but it LOVED the deep conditioner. I ended up with springy, shiny, and flexible curls. The leave-in reconstructor left a film, so I washed my hair again the next day. The plus side: I got to use the Deep Conditioner TWO DAYS IN A ROW! The deep conditioner is great stuff. I definitely recommend trying it. 

HMM, seems like the Deep Condtioner was a BIG HIT for the group! You may want to make this apart of your product collection. I love the NuNAAT company and they are continually adding more products to the line-up.
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