Jun 1, 2012

Product Review: Curl Max Curl Pudding

Confession:  I have become increasingly skeptical about so many product lines getting into the natural hair game.  Every time I turn around it seems like one more line is jumping on the natural hair band wagon.  Just because someone comes out with a "pudding" doesn't mean that they actually know about the inner workings of natural hair.  Not to mention (since I'm confessing here) that I have become quite the natural hair product snob.  When it comes to ingredients, I was starting to believe that if I couldn't pronounce an ingredient then I wasn't paying for it. That was until I won a prize pack of Lustrasilk's Curl Pudding from their new Curl Max line at Curl Rehab's National Natural Hair Meetup a few weeks back.  It was then that I decided that bending the rules a bit wouldn't hurt.  For one, it's research.  For two, I wasn't exactly married to the product regime I have been using lately. My hair tends to change with the seasons.

When I co-washed my hair this past weekend, I decided to give it a shot with just a touch of coconut oil on my hair. Again, I was so skeptical! Lustrasilk with a natural line?  *Side eye*  Here is a picture of my hair wet:

Okay Lustrasilk! I am so glad tried it!   I was so surprised by how my curls sprung to life. I honestly was anticipating a glorified moisturizer with no hold (I've been burned before) but what I got was a moisturizing product with a lot of hold.  Much to my surprise, it has really become an all in one product which is a plus for this wash 'n go chick. Also it gave me less shrinkage than Kinky Curly. By the way, we had to break up...again. I tell you me and Kinky Curly have been having an on again off again relationship for about a year and a half. After using the Curl Max Curl Pudding, we are definitely off again. And at a price point of under six bucks?

Loving it! These curls are poppin'!

Lustrasilk's Curl Max Pudding
-Firm Hold
- Less shrinkage
- Great price
- All in one product

- Flakes a little
- May be too drying for some hair. If so, I recommend scrunching some oil in it after it dries.

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