Jun 12, 2012

Naturalistas on Instagram: June #NaturalGlamChallenge

I'm new to Instagram and I absolutely love it- as if I needed yet another social network to get hooked to.  Who would've guessed that Instagram would be a great site to interact with other naturalistas?  For instance, Instagram user @NaturalHairstyles101 started a Natural Glam Challenge for the month of June. In this challenge, you post a picture a day pertaining to that day's topic (see above). Today's challenge was to post a picture of your product wish list. Here's my pick:

Yes, a Huetiful hair steamer. I hear this does wonders for moisture!  I can't wait to try it.  By the way my birthday is December 26. Feel free to make this a combined birthday/Christmas gift if your heart desires.

Searching different hashtags is very useful in finding what other natural hair lovelies are trying out as far as hairstyles, products and maintenance.  So the next time you are on Instagram, try and do a search on #NaturalHair, #NaturalHairProblems (that one is often hilarious), and of course #NaturalGlamChallenge to participate in the fun of posting a different pic each day. Happy surfing!
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