Jun 21, 2012

Nashville Naturals: Yasmeen and Yusef

This week while I was doing some clothes shopping I came across these two adorable young naturals. Their hair just put me in the mood for some summer fun. I am a big fan of short hair in the summer. If your head is cute enough to rock a funky fresh hair cut, I say go for it!

Yasmeen is 9. Her low cut curls and curly side bangs made me long for the days of being young and free. My camera doesn't do her style justice. It was really fly. I had to refrain from touching it.

Yusef is 8, and his hair was pretty fly, too. Mohawks are nothing new, but his curls are attention grabbers.

I'm happy they (and their mother) obliged to being on the site. I think it's great when parents let kids express themselves with their hair. Don't these short styles make you want to feel the summer sun on your scalp? *hands you each a pair of scissors* Send us pictures please!
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