Thursday, June 28, 2012

LINK LOVE: Is protective styling for you?

Singer, Ciara, rocking french braids
The ladies over at BGLH have an awesome article posted - "5 signs Protective Styling is NOT for you"

OH! I had to post the link because I know so many ladies who don't want to go natural because they don't like protective styling. You do remember this is YOUR hair and you can do whatever you want to do to it? Natural hair is all about a certain level of freedom, so feel free to do as you like to achieve your style options.

Personally, I go back and fourth with my love for protective styling. For my ultra-curly hair, protective styling is the best way for me to retain length and prevent massive tangles and single strand knot. Y'all know I love my Poetic Justice braids as a long term protective style. I hate two-strand twists and Bantu knots as daily style options. Some ladies swear by it. It's really a matter of personal choice.

"DO You value styling over length?  -  Why should I go natural, only to keep my hair hidden all the time?, is a common refrain from naturals who don’t like the idea of rocking the same style for 1 to 2 weeks at a time. If you are one that likes to switch it up on the regular, and ‘length goals’ aren’t a concern of yours, then feel free to mix it up!" (SOURCE)
Make sure to check out the FULL ARTICLE from Black Girl with Long Hair

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