Jun 27, 2012

Discussion: Styling Kids' Hair


The recent post of Yasmeen and Yusef made me wonder. Do you ever think parents can allow kids to go too far with their hair? Granted I see children with the same styles everyday, and I get happy when I see fearless kids breaking up the monotony of a low fade or twisted ponytails with bows on the ends. But if your child wanted to rock out a la Willow Smith....

Photo courtesy of Willow's Tumblr

How  would you feel when he or she asks you to dye their hair blue for the summer because blue is a favorite color? If the child is not up for a promotion at work, or getting lewd things cut into their hair, what's the limit? We all know that hair grows back, and a temporary color washes away.
Does limiting style options really protect the child, or would you be more inclined to say no in order to avoid being uncomfortable as a parent? I can understand wanting to avoid statements like "Purple streaks? I bet she just does whatever she wants..." or "You really let him get Spiderman cut in his hair? Don't you think that's ghetto?"

This also brings another question... I notice a stronger reaction when children are given weaves and relaxers at a young age. What about locs? Did you feel the same way about the first picture of the blog that you do about the last picture? Why do we feel that permanent changes are okay... sometimes? Let's talk about it.

Have you ever told your child "no" to a hairstyle that they wanted? Why or why not?
What do you think if you saw a young girl with orange streaks or a boy with a unique cut and color on his hair?

Full disclosure: I am not a parent.
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