Jun 19, 2012


So, I recently scaled down my hair regimen. I used to spend almost 4 hours on Saturday morning managing and manipulating my hair. My routine went something like this:
  1. Detangle
  2. Wet with leave-in conditioner
  3. Wash with shampoo
  4. De-tangle again in the shower
  5. Add conditioner in the shower
  6. Wait 2 minutes
  7. Rinse Conditioner out
  8. Add deep conditioner
  9. Sit under the dryer for 30 mins
  10. Rinse conditioner
  11. Rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar rinse
  12. Dry with old t-shirt
  13. Seal with Olive Oil and Coconut Oil
  14. Two-Strand Twist
  15. Add rollers to two strand twists
  16. Sit under dryer for what seemed like forever waiting for my hair to dry
  17. Hair is dried, remove rollers
  18. Remove two strand twists
  19. Style
  20. Then at night, I'd have to repeat twist my hair again so that it would shrink (I sweat at night). 
DUDE! Twenty freakin steps! I thought that having natural hair was supposed to 'freeing', but having twenty steps every saturday morning was really wearing me out. I realized my regmian was super overwhelming and I was starting not to like doing my hair. When I looked at my regimen, I really needed to bring somethings down and doing something throughout the week that would take away from my washing day.

I clipped my ends (taking off almost a half inch) which decreased my de-tangling time. I started moisturizing my hair daily. I started banding or pineapple-ing my hair every night to keep definition. I've tried to pull back on using heating elements on my hair so as to retain moisture. I co-wash some weeks and do the whole she-bang on other weeks. And sometimes . . . I may have a LAZY week! I may not do those things, I may just let my hair rest, doing it's thing, rising to the sky or shrinking to the roots. Lastly, I really worked on finding one product line that can give me what I need. You all know my favorite line is NuNaat Karite Special Shea Products.

So, have you recently scaled down your haircare routine or added some steps? Let's discuss!
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