May 3, 2012

The World Natural Hair Show: Pics, tips, and fun!

Melissa, at the entrance of the hair show
Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the World Natural Hair Show presented by Taliah Waajid. First up, I don't think I was fully prepared for the epic overwhelming awesomeness of this hair show. I'll definitely need to attend again in the Fall to get the full span of everything offered at the show. Below, I list what I learned by attending my first Hair Expo. If you follow my tips, you'll definitely be ready for the next World Natural Hair Show in the fall.

Lots of attitude in that line - lol
The first thing I learned is , GET THERE EARLY. The line to get into the show was super-long! It wrapped around the building three times. However, after about 45 minutes, the event coordinators came up with a plan to shorten our waiting time.  If you want a short wait in line and faster access to all the free samples, you gotta get there early

One of many vendor stands at the hair show
The second thing I learned was to BRING CASH and set a BUDGET. This was my first hair show - ever. I've never been to a Bonner Brother's convention or anything of the sort. However, after attending various African Street Fests in Nashville, I knew to bring cash and set a reasonable budget. I knew there would be a lot of vendors but I had no idea about all the SALES some of my favorite brands would have that weekend. Which brings me to my next point:

Some of my samples from the show
FIND OUT IF YOUR FAVE BRANDS ARE ATTENDING - There were alot of brand reps at the show. I didn't want to buy too many unnecessary items but there were several brands I wanted to try: Uncle Funky's Daughter, Beautiful Textures, Curls Unleashed, and Taliah Waajid. Each of the brands listed above had storefront space. The line to get in was almost an 30 minute wait! I couldn't understand, but I realized, each were having EXPO ONLY sales. I did happen to get some Curls Unleashed product and I will review it on the site next week. Shea Moisture had a huge storefront as well and there was a 3 for $25 sale!

Lavonda, from Florida, rocked this CUTE style!
Speaking of products - you better use them effectively because YOUR HAIR NEEDS TO BE ON-POINT when you attend the show! LOL. After entering the convention center I think I said "Ooh, look at her hair!" about 1000 times! I tried to take pics of my favorite styles but I would have run out of film. The best thing about the convention is seeing all the creativeness of natural hair. You are guaranteed to see a hair twin (or two) at the show. And you can ask PLENTY of questions because everyone is willing to share their regimen.

Watching a hair styling demonstration
And after you figure out how fly your hair is going to look, make sure you DRESS COMFORTABLY AND WEAR FLAT SHOES. Man, the convention space is huge. There were about ten rows of vendors. There were large spot where people were doing demonstrations of their products. So, huge groups of people would stand around watching the stylists and asking questions about regimens and maintenance. It get frustrating, but if you are dressed comfortably, you can handle it.

The most delicious vegan meal I've ever experienced
After waiting in long lines to buy products and ask questions about hair styles, you are gonna be very hungry. That's why it's imperative that you BRING SNACKS. We arrived at the convention at 11:30a and didn't leave until 4p. After doing all that walking and waiting, you will be super hungry.

The one thing I hated about the World Natural Hair Show was the food booths were greatly overpriced. Popcorn, candy, and chicken strips were starting at $4! There were some vendors at the fair who served tasty and healthy food - but the lines were LONG. The veggie roll from Tassili's Raw Reality (shown above) had a one hour wait! However, it was worth it.

The Davis sisters from My Natural Sistas
Lastly, make sure to attend the World Natural Hair Show on the day YOUR FAVORITE YOUTUBE SENSATION/BLOGGER IS APPEARING. Now this takes some stealthy and tactical maneuvers, but if you have a favorite Natural Hair YouTuber or bloggers you've followed make sure to check their twitter to see when they will be at the show. Mae of Natural Chica was at the show but she spoke on Sunday. I was mad because I missed her! I went on Saturday. But I did get to meet other natural hair divas like: The Davis Sisters from 'My Natural Sistas', Chris-Tia Donaldson from Thank God I'm Natural, and Dominique from All Things O'Natural.

I really enjoyed myself at the World Natural Hair Show, and I plan to attend again but this time I'm gonna follow my own advice. Oh yeah, another thing I missed out on was all the free classes that were offered at the show and the concerts (one featured Chrisette Michelle and another featured Tank). I'll definitely plan my time accordingly!

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