May 24, 2012


Ok, is this little guy the cutest thing you've ever seen! This is Nakota from Nashville. This little guy's curly curls are so adorable. His mother, Patra emailed me and wanted to share her little guy's natural journey. Like I always say, I'm so happy that kids are growing up in a time where they can be liberated in their hair decisions. Little Nakota, can be free to be curly as long as he likes. So let's get into Nakota's routine:

From Patra, Nakota's mom:
  • We co-wash weekly and wash monthly with shampoo with Carol's Daughter kids shampoo and conditioner.
  • At night, I dampen his hair with water then use Miss Jessie's Buttercream to twist his hair. I use a large tooth comb and a Denman 9 brush. (I use a flat twist technique and I modifided the brush by taking out every other row)
  • Then we put on a stocking cap - Nakota is ready for bed. 
  • In the morning, I put a little Buttercream on my hands and take the twists out. I finger fluff his hair.
  • Sometimes spritz a little water on his front hairline because it gets a dry from rubbing on the pillow overnight. I always make sure his hair stays moisturized.

  • Side Note: I know that Miss Jessie's product line is not all natural so it's not for everyone. I have tried many products over the last two years as well as tried making things on my own. Nothing works for his hair like the Buttercream. So that's what we use.
So, there you have it. I think I need to try Nakota's routine! It's so simple and his results are great! That's a good mom to dedicate time to her little guy's hair. Thanks Patra for sharing your son with the Natural in Nashville readers!

If you'd like to share your child's natural hair routine, send an email to with 3-5 pictures of your child's hair and a detailed routine. 

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