May 29, 2012

Melissa's Hair: The Haircut

If you follow me on Instagram (fabglance1) you'd know that I had to cut about an inch of my hair.
Let me tell you, I really thought I'd be able to handle a bit of a trim, but after two days, I was really feening for that one inch. So, why did I need to cut an inch?

Well, my hair is quite prone to single strand knots. I tried to do some search and destroy missions on but that left me with uneven lengths. Speaking of uneven lengths, the right side of my hair was way longer than the left side of my hair. I think this was caused by me wearing my favorite style, the side ponytail. I had a major amount of breakage.

After realizing all those factors, cutting my hair was the only choice. So I washed, dried, and flat-ironed my hair. Before I cut it, my hair was brushing the bottom of my neck. After I cut it it was a chin length bob. I started to love it because it was nice and even. when i wore it curly, my fro was nice and round! Oh yeah, my curls were popping!

The only drawback was when it shrank, it really shrank! I had a certified TWA and I was surprised by that fact. I'm not one to sit on my pedestal and act like being natural is all easy and that I'm not tied to the length of my hair - it was just a big difference. But, healthy hair, with no split ends, is always WAY better than long damaged hair. Let go and let GROW!

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