May 4, 2012

LINK LOVE: How to best care for your weave

I was on Madame Noire today and I came across an article I had to share with you. The article is about taking care of inexpensive weave. Now this is a great topic because most naturals I know have tried (or want to try) weave. It's great for transitioning and giving your hair a rest. I always recommend a weave or braids for ladies who may be frustrated with their hair. However, everyone can't afford the celebrity quality human hair extensions. Celebrity quality hair can sometimes starting at more than $150 per pack! That doesn't include the installation.

This article on Madame Noire gives some great tips on how to maintain weave that may be considered 'cheap'. There are some great advice on maintaining synthetic hair as well. In the picture above, I'm wearing a synthetic curly wig - out the box it looked Kelly Rowland's new hairstyle! That hair is 100% synthetic. I think the pack cost me about $25! Buy, I used common sense and made it last a long time! I think I wore that weave for two months.

Check out the article (linked below). The tip I best agree with is to NEVER put products on synthetic weave - too much product makes the weave greasy and gives it an unrealistic quality.

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