May 2, 2012

Discussion: Hair Preferences in Men

So there's been a conversation on repeat since this new wave of women going natural. Women have been asking themselves questions about how men will receive them and their natural hair.

What if he doesn't like natural hair?
How will he respond the first time he sees me braided and twisted and wrapped for bed?

But...... well..... What about what the women prefer? There are men who are natural, too. And we know that once upon a time, men with a certain type of hair came with a of prei-nstalled assumed personality. Cornrows = thug. Locs = Rastafarian OR an "enlightened" man who could tell you about African empires and will refer to you as queen. A perm = not interested in you. (Some exclusions may apply. See also, Snoop). An afro = a husband  an all around guy who might have to fight the air a la Cuba, but was bound to love you.(Did I just get personal? Sorry.)

Anyway, now that we know that our hair doesn't determine our personalities or professional potential... do you have a preference of hair for your man or future man? Do you prefer an afro? Could you deal with dual detangling sessions? What if he could help you with your hair days? Running your hands through a man's hair can be quite an aphrodisiac.

So, ladies. Now is your time to sound off: what's your preferred man to wear his hair? Are you okay with the 8 in 10 low-cut (possibly with waves)? Are you holding on to the 90s and still prefer long braids? Or do locs please you, beautiful Queen?

Okay... clearly Waka Flocka is not going to call you queen anytime soon,
I know that. But this is about hair.

LOL, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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