May 15, 2012

Candice's Hair . . . and other stuff . . .

This hair diary is going to be about my hair... and other things. The last couple of months have been hectic, and my hair has felt the repercussions. I went from rocking a head of awesomeness, to a head of hay, and now I’m back on my way up.

 I noticed that when I’m staying the night with people who are not natural, I try to minimize what I do to my hair. Plus, I try to keep stray shed coils out of other people’s sinks and floors. Anyway, I ended up going to other places and I got no compliments. Womp. But my hair is back on track. My latest twist out was fabulous. And the bantu knots? I impressed myself. They lasted for about a week… until I got caught in the rain.

Here is what my hair looks like as of today, 5/14/2012. For the record, this is AFTER being caught in the rain.

And that’s after I cut it. Yep. The color-damaged hair has grown out to my ends. The single-strand knots are RIDICULOUS. So one day while I was bored at work after I finished work for the day but was still at my desk, I grabbed some scissors and started cutting. I wasn’t exactly Bernadine in ‘Waiting to Exhale’, but I was chopping off ½ inches in ¾ inches off my hair in its curled state. It needed to be done. I did pretty well preserving the damaged hair for so long. It was originally at my roots, and has grown out to be at my ends.

In other news, it’s pretty obvious that I LOVE talking to naturals on the streets (most of the time). I mean… I’m not an expert on hair, but I have learned enough information to pass on to those who are struggling with their own natural hair or who fear the time and effort. Which is why sometimes…  (refer to the first paragraph).

In other news, I did my own nails! Cute, huh? (If you don’t agree, please don’t respond.) Walgreens has neon colors.  My nails remind me of Barney. He was brought up in a conversation, and I was inspired.

Okay… I just mentioned Barney. I’m going to stop this post before it goes any further. Ciao bellas! 

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