May 21, 2012

Ashiya's Hair Diary: How I Learned to Love/Hate Interlocking

About five years ago, I gave interlocking a try.  My locs are smaller and instead of combining two locs to strengthen them as I had previously, I thought that the process of locking and weaving my hair would make it stronger as it continued to grow.  My hair responded well over time as locs that were small became fuller and healthier.  After a few months, I figured out why some people discourage the interlocking process.  I noticed the ends of some locs began to get weak and break where the tool latched on to pull the loc through.  I loved the results of the process, but was it worth loosing half an inch off the end of my locs?  Definitely not.  So I did what we all must do from time to time and adjusted the process for me. 

  1. I stopped having my hair interlocked as often.  One of the advantages over palm-rolling is the interlocking lasts longer in general.  Even though I didn't need to have my hair done as often, I still gave my ends a little more time to rest in between trips.
  2. I put in some work.  In between my trips to the salon, I would interlock my own hair sans the tool.  Thanks to OrlandoLoctician for sharing Nick's Naps Interlocking Tutorial #1.  I followed her technique as described and simply stopped when I needed the tool.  I realized it didn't need to be perfectly neat each time I washed my hair.  That's why I pay a professional stylist.  This allowed me to encourage the locing process through interlocking without the constant pulling on the ends of my hair.
  3. I spoke up.  I talked to my stylist and let her know what was going on.  She noticed it as well, but my willingness to share opened us up to a good compromise in preserving my ends while she worked. 

Once again, I realized how unique we all are.  While some locs are damaged by the interlocking process,  I found a way to make it work for me.  By working with my stylist and staying vigilant at home, my locs are growing in fuller and faster than expected.

If you've tried interlocking, what was your experience?  Love it or hate it?

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