Apr 24, 2012

Toya's Hair Diary: My Latest Favorite Hair Accessory!

 I am a huge fan of hats. I love them! I love beanies, fedoras, and Jeff Caps (otherwise known as "driving caps") the most. In a post from a while ago, I mentioned that I tried to wrap my hair with a polka dot scarf and it was a fail.  At first I thought I was using the wrong kind of scarf.  Turns out I just needed more patience. A few weeks ago when I couldn't find one of my beanies, I decided to give it another shot and voila! The picture above is what I came up with. Now I'm hooked.

What I really love about wearing this style is that I often get busy come Saturday. I routinely have my Big Hair Day (the day when I co-wash, wash, clarify, deep condition, condition, detangle, dry and style-whew!) on Sunday.  Because of that, by Saturday I am on 7th day hair which means my curls don't look as fresh as they do during the top of the week. Also Saturdays can get busy and I don't always feel like taking the time to dry my hair. Tying a scarf around my damp hair cuts down on preparation time and can serve as a fun fashion accessory.

This is me at last weekend's Record Store Day geeked that I got Brandy's Full Moon on vinyl for $1. Score!
Now that I have the hang of it, it's a breeze. My hair isn't that long right now so it is not too difficult for me to just wrap it up and tie a bow up top. However, if you'd like to try this style and you have a lot of hair, check out this tutorial video by MsAriella89.  I like how she twists her hair up the back first before adding the scarf.

 If you are interested in rocking scarves for your hair, here are a few recommendation on where to find some. The ones that I am wearing in my pictures are from a thrift store.  You can find some really great ones at Goodwill or Southern Thrift and they're normally not more than two bucks.  Also, you can take an old skirt or printed top, measure it and cut it to custom make your very own. If you try this style and enjoy it, be sure to let Natural in Nashville know. We'd love to see your pics.
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