Apr 20, 2012

Roots 'n Rhythm: Dionne Farris "Hopeless"

*Sigh* Love Jones. I remember when this came out and what a big deal it was. And that soundtrack! Who can forget this hit by former Arrested Development member Dionne Farris? When Dionne Farris first hit the scene with her first hit "I Know",it was around the same time that I did my Big Chop. I remember getting a lot of comparisons, so much so that I'd be in public and hear people singing it as I walked by! I miss my TWA sometimes. Although I can't wait to rock a huge curly fro, there's nothing like the initial feeling of freedom after The Big Chop. Take a trip down memory lane with Natural in Nashville and watch this video with cameos from American Idol's Randy Jackson and the song's composer and Neo-Soul fave,Van Hunt.

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