Apr 2, 2012

Melissa's . . . Nails: Bye-bye acrylic nails

So, usually the ladies and I use Monday's to post about our current hair adventures. Today I choose to use my Monday to talk about my nails.

Hair, skin, and nails are always clumped together in anatomy studies. Here's why: "The relationship between your hair, nails and skin and your overall health is underestimated. They share the same nutritional requirements for health. They react to deficiency in similar ways. Their general look and feel alone can even reveal much to the non-professional. (source)"

Acrylic free is the way to be? We'll see!
Even though I've worn natural hair almost 3 years, I've worn acrylic nails for about a year. Being a fashion blogger, (find me at www.fabglance.com), I care about a pulled together and professional look. My natural nails tended to be soft and they would break easily. That's why I chose acrylics. Acrylic overlay is strong, and the nail polish lasts longer. Plus, I was able to enjoy lots of fun nail designs.

So why did I take them off? Well, three reasons. One, to save money. I can spend a lot on fancy nail designs. The bigger the event, the more intricate I feel the design should be.

Fancy designs . . . I'll miss you!
Second, my nails need to breath. Covering your natural nail with acrylic weakens the nail. Your nail may appear to be growing but once the acrylic is removed, your nails are going to be thin. The longer you use acrylic, the thinner and more sensitive your nails and nail beds become.

Lastly, since I've been using biotin supplements, I noticed my nails growing quite quickly. I've been needing a fill-in more frequently than my wallet wanted to admit. I want to see how strong my nails can be with just using biotin and getting monthly manicures.

Now, this doesn't mean I'm against acrylic nails/overlay. Actually, I'll probably go back to acrylics near my birthday. But my nails need to breath. Lol, acrylic overlay is NOT a protective style for your natural nail.

So, now I'm allllll natural! My hair, skin, and nails are benefitting from a chemical fee lifestyle. I'll be sure to report my progress.

My nails, now, no acrylic, just a bit of color.
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