Apr 19, 2012

Local Natural: AllahMagnetic

Jabriel also known as AllahMagnetic
Well well well... look who we have here. Say hello to Jabriel. You may know him as AllahMagnetic. Sometime between my last post and now, I went to Sound Therapy in Nashville (a chill open mic for independent artists of all genres and spoken word artists). I thought AllahMagnetic was the DJ (and he is), but it's pretty cool to learn that he was also the co-founder. He's been growing his locs for almost 17 years now.

Me: What made you decide to start locs?
Jabriel: Every king must have his crown.

That's a direct quote. Yeah... we're going to pretend like I didn't swoon a bit over the fact that Lil Wayne had nothing to do with his hair choice. Anyway, if you see AllahMagnetic on the DJ table at Sound Therapy, or if you see Jabriel on the streets, say hello. And let him know you saw him on Natural in Nashville.

Bonus picture: This was him trying to be serious before
I coaxed that smile out of him in the first picture.

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