Apr 26, 2012

Local Hair Lust: Macda

I KNOW!!!!!

Meet Macda. This local has hair that made me want to grab some wax and get to work. Her locs are fabulous. She's had locs for 9 years. (Although I'm pretty sure this is more than 9 years worth of hair growth. I forgot to ask her how long she's been natural.) I noticed that she didn't mind referring to her hair as dreads. Coolness.

I asked what was her favorite hair product, and though she couldn't remember the name of it, she's really fond of the mango lime smell. She also revealed that she's thinking of cutting her locs off and going back to rocking an afro.  Locs that long can get pretty heavy.

P.S. Dear Macda, if you're out there and you DO decide to do a big chop of these gorgeous locs, you should let NIN blog about it. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
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