Apr 12, 2012

LINK LOVE: UrbanBushBabes tell us why short hair has it's advantages

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If you've never visited the natural hair and fashion site, UrbanBushBabes, you need to take a look. The writers, Cipriana and Nikisha, share their hair tips, cool style, and fab finds with readers. They ladies also have a YouTube channel where they spotlight regimens and product reviews. Oh yeah, their hair - AMAZEBALLS!

Anyway, I had to share this link with you. Cipriana, who has mid-back length 4b hair, writes about the advantages of having short hair. I thought this would be a good article to share, because so many naturals look at pictures of naturals with big wild manes and get jealous. Sometimes, we don't realize that the short hair days can be some of your easiest days. My hair is not too long, but I'm already feeling the burn of having to do extended detangling sessions!

Anyway check out my fave advantage for having short hair - then click the link to read the rest of this great post:
Product Usage: More money more problems…Less hair less products! Rockin short styles obviously means less product usage but also saves you money in the bank. -
READ:  Shorter is an Advantage: 7 Reasons Why Short Hair Rules - Posted by: Cipriana or UrbanBushBabes.com
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