Apr 4, 2012

Discussion: Shrinkage is NO JOKE!

I had to share my picture with you guys, my lovely readers. Take a look. Dude, that's my hair, and that's my SHRINKAGE!! Crazy, right?

Straight out the shower, look at that shrinkage!

Many blog posts say that naturally curly ladies experience up to 75% shari shrinkage. Meaning, the amount of length your hair retracts when wet/moist. Done people have more, some people have less.

I'm at 75% for real! My hair is quite curly but it shrinks down to the look of a TWA when wet. That's why I'm not a fan of wash 'n go styles. I live big full hair.

So, of you are like me, what do you do about shrinkage? Do you accept it? Do you blow your hair out with a blow dryer? Twist-outs, braid-outs, or Bantu knots? Do you straighten it?

Lets talk and share techniques!

Twist-out the next morning after blowing out my hair.
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