Apr 25, 2012

Discussion: Product Swap

Dear Natural,

It's boring sitting here not being used.

Your Products

Yes. It's true. The picture above is of my stash of products. Although I have been cutting down on purchasing new products, I still have plenty of things left in my cabinet. And that's why this week's discussion is about a product swap.

On this "natural hair journey", it's a constant learning process. As you buy products you will learn you what your hair loves and what it hates, and you will also learn what products are 'eh'. So instead of having a cabinet full of products that you don't use, why not do a product swap?

It's as easy as talking about products with a friend. If they have a product that doesn't work for their hair that you would like to try, offer them a product that doesn't make your hair happy. Baddabing, baddaboom.

Here are a few tips to get you started:
  •  If you have a hair twin, then this is probably not the best person with whom to swap hair products.
  • It's definitely not nice to use product swapping as a 'come up'. Don't always get $30.00 products, but all you have to offer is $2.99 products. If this is the case, every now and then I suggest you pass a little cash over with your bargain deals.
  • The more people involved, the better.Keep the products circulating. Eventually the product is bound to find a home where it is loved.
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Have you done a product swap before? Did you find a favorite product in a friends beauty stash?
Be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

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