Apr 18, 2012

Discussion: Forever Funky Naturals


Picture it: I was walking into the department store and across the parking lot I noticed some really bright natural hair. So I slowed my walk in order to intentionally cross her path because I thought I could harass get a picture for NIN. And then she came closer. First, I noticed that her hair was not blond, but orange. And then I noticed her tired walk. I saw that her hair was cut on the side (I knew that someone used small clippers because the lines were visible).  And she had on slide in shoes with no lotion and a pocketbook with the long strap.... You get the idea. This was someone's real life 65+ year old granny.  Anyway, I complimented her hair and left her to finish her trek from the car to the store.

So someone's grandma was a funky naturalista. I applaud her efforts to keep her natural hair fresh. Unfortunately, she seemed to have trouble keeping up with her style. Unless you're a brand new natural, you know that our hair does require maintenance. And superficially judging her demeanor after watching her for 45 seconds, I'm guessing she doesn't have the energy to keep up with her color or her cut.

So I began to wonder: When I get older, will I still be into product experimentation? Am I going to want to experiment with the latest 'happening' styles? What about my hair regimen? Who is going to deep condition my hair every week? I plan on having grandchildren by the time I'm 77 years old. I'm not sure what I will do with all of this hair that I'm trying to grow.

She looks important. I couldn't find her name, but her hair = awesome.
I'm not trying to make natural hair a young thing, or a fad by any means. But... do you feel there's an age where we should stop trying the hottest funky fresh styles? I am really hoping there are some naturals 50 and above out there who will volunteer maintenance or style ideas.

  • If you are a more seasoned natural, how has your hair style changed?
  • If you are a young natural, are you planning on being natural forever? How do you see the 66 year old you wearing your hair?

**For the record, when I feel like I've done enough styles with the huge afro I'm growing, I see myself getting locs. So in the picture below, I'd be the one on the far right.
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