Mar 26, 2012

Toya's Hair Diary: Nashville, Your Hard Water is NOT the Business

There are certain things that a northeastern transplant has to grow accustomed to once they move to Nashville: A ridiculously high pollen count that brings on allergies that never plagued them back home, the slower pace of the city, the fact that almost everything imaginable can come deep fried, and Nashville's hard water.  My hair has been in a state of shock ever since I returned from Christmas vacation.  The tap water in New Jersey is fantastic! My skin and my hair look fabulous when I go home for vacation.

It was so shiny and bouncy that I was walking around shaking my curls back in forth like I was in a Soul Glo commercial:

But then I came back to Nashville's hard water and not only did my hair get dry but the combination of Kinky Curly and Shea Moisture Curling Souffle' didn't work as well anymore. I really thought I had found the perfect combination of hair products but now I see that it depends on the water I am using. Although Melissa wrote about hard water in September, I had no idea how key that was. 

Here is a picture of my hair now:

It looks and feels a bit dull. When I wash it this weekend, I am going to use Apple Cider Vinegar to clarify and get a good hair mask to restore some moisture and shine. Those are just a few things that I can do short term. However long term I would love to get Jonathan's Beauty Water Shower Purification System

Back when his reality show was on the air, I remember watching how he came up with this concept. I believe he couldn't use the water in his home for some reason so he used Evian water on his hair. Never again did he want to use LA tap water.  I think this may be a birthday present to myself because Nashville's hard water is not letting my curls live up to their full curly potential.  In the meantime, I will be making sure to protect my hair and its shine by continuing to use a sulfate-free shampoo and less products with silicone in them. Silicone can cause too much build in your hair if you aren't careful and make your hair really dull. Until I can get my filter, I guess I will be on the hunt for my perfect combination of hair products again.

And why do they say wearing natural hair is easy again?
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