Mar 9, 2012

Tips & Techniques: Transitioning Style

Meet Natasha. She's transitioning and it's been over 3 years since she's had a relaxer. She's nervous about wearing her hair in a natural style for the first time. If you're a natural girl who has transitioned, you know the feeling. You go through the "I don't know if this will look right on me" phase. Cutting off the relaxed ends pretty much signifies that the hair you once knew is gone. It can be scary.

 We decided to do a twist out. A lot of her hair is natural, but her ends are still relaxed. So I used rubber bands to secure the ends of her hair. She has a loose curl pattern, so I used coconut oil to seal in moisture, followed by Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly finishing cream for a light hold. The results:

See? I love it. And it doesn't take much. It's okay to ease your way into your curls. This will last for days and it's low maintenance. I may be biased because I styled her hair, but I'd say that this definitely "looks right" on her.

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