Mar 2, 2012

ROOTS 'N RYHTHM: Electrik Red - "So Good"

Today's Roots 'n Ryhthm takes a quick trip back to 2009. A group called Electrik Red hit the scene and promised to be a new edgy version of Destiny's Child. The group had alot of Vanity 6 influence and  some hip-hop as well. The members were dancers who became singers and formed this group. They can be seen dancing in many of Ciara's videos.

They had one minor hit, 'So Good' which included a remix featuring Lil Wayne (back when he was on everyone's remixes). Sadly, this girl-group was short lived. I don't know if it was label issues of internal issues with the group, but I haven't heard from them in years. Sad, they had enough talent to keep me entertained. Their song was one of the faves in my ipod back in '09.

Oh well, I'm here to talk hair. I loved the groups whole style and appeal. It was kind of a rugged, updated version of SWV with a dash of Pussycat Dolls. My favorite member was lead singer, Naomi. Her wild curls were EVERYTHING! That's why I chose them for this week's music spot. Below is their song, 'So Good', which features a sample from Prince. Take a listen:

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