Mar 30, 2012

Natural Celebs: Franchesca Ramsey is a Beautiful Person via Paper Mag

We've reported on the beautiful and talented Franchesca Ramsey many times. Her videos and hair 'how-to's' have reached millions of people. However, nothing pushed her into the spotlight faster than her video , "Shi*t White Girls say . . . to Black Girls". The funny and truthful video pushed Franchesca into many people's living rooms via their laptops.

Now, Franchesca has appeared on the Anderson Cooper show several times and she is writing a TV pilot and, basically, living her dream life.

This month she was voted one of Paper Magazine's most beautiful people. She truly deserves it. Check  out what the magazine has to say about this rising star:
At press time, the video had about 8.5 million views and Ramsey says, after it premiered, her "life changed in a month." Video blogging since 2007, she was already part of YouTube's partnership program, which places ads on original content; meaning she's made enough money to quit her job as a graphic designer. She's also in negotiations to write for a TV show and is putting together a pilot. "I'm making entertainment my career," Ramsey says. "Which is what I always wanted." (source)
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