Mar 5, 2012

MELISSA'S HAIR: Holding on to my edges

I'm so happy with my new box braids; I love wearing extensions, especially braids. As I reported last week, this is my first time doing an install. The amount of money I saved more than makes up for having tired arms the next day.

However, I always worry when wearing extensions (weaves, braids, clip-ins) as a protective style. The tension on my edges is my biggest worry. I've always had weak edges. I talked about this subject in the summer, when I wore braids (see post). Box braids are gorgeous, but the synthetic hair can be heavy and tend to pull on the hair. In order to combat my hair from breaking and pulling out, I make sure to tie my hair loosely at night, moisturize my edges daily, and massage my scalp weekly.

In addition to the products I regularly use to keep my braids shiny, moist, and looking new, I intend to add a new product to the bunch, to aid in keeping my edges - Jamaican Castor Oil

Word on the streets is that Jamaica Black Castor Oil is the BUSINESS! The reviews were enough to entice me to buy the product. Castor oil comes from the castor bean and is usually light colored. Jamaican Black Castor oil is said to be manually processed over a fire and the ash is what gives it the dark color. This brand is known to help grow hair on temples, eyebrows, and eyelashes. It has no other oils in the mix so it's 100% pure.

Well, I'll keep you all posted on my hair growth. FYI: Since going natural, the hair on my temples and nape has grown tremendously. Clearly, not using as many chemicals in my hair was a good thing.
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