Mar 7, 2012

Discussion: No One Cares About 'Natural' Hair?

-"I'm ready!! I'm doing the big chop!"
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Have you heard? This whole ‘natural hair thing’ is catching on!  Women of color have stopped using chemical processes (relaxers, texturizers, Brazilian blowouts) to achieve straighter hair. They've started wearing their hair in its natural state. The term 'nappy' (and the negative connotations that used to come with it) is being replaced by more politically correct adjectives like kinky, curly, or textured.

If you’re on this site,  you know about this trend. Personally, I love seeing the naturally diverse hair.  I’m happy to hear someone announce that they  decided to stop putting dangerous chemicals in their hair. However, as more and more women rock their natural hair, people eventually become immune to it. It’s just how things work. Hair can only be ‘new’ for so long. After a while, the term 'naturalista' will have less significance because so many people doing it. This can be good and bad. For example:

GOOD: The variety of hair products targeted to chemical free 'natural' hair will increase. The prices of hair products will decrease once some of these products become less exclusive and more profitable to make.

BAD: People will not adore natural hair like they do now. The extra attention will soon fade. Stand out hair will just be another style. You'd actually have to do something more to gain that attention that once came with wearing your hair natural.

Don’t misunderstand the point. It’s  exciting to see so many of us embrace our hair and not conform to a cookie-cutter standard of beauty. That will not change. But sometimes I like to make a statement with my hair. When I walk down the street with big, fabulously blown-out hair, fewer heads. WHY? will turn, As the trend continues there will be 10 more women on the same street with the same style. It’s just like 10 people wearing the same awesome dress at the same time. It’s not as exciting.

So the questions come:
  • Do you use your hair for attention? 
  • Does it bother you that everyone may start to look like you, and (potentially) no one will care about your hair? 
  • How else do you express your individuality BESIDES your hair? 
  • How do you think the trend will affect society (or even your own) view on natural hair? 
Let us know in the comments below.

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