Mar 28, 2012

Discussion: Money and Hair

I am not a hippie. However, it's no secret to the people around me that I make my own hair products sometimes. And I often get happy on days like today. I was walking in Target, purposely speed-walking past the hair aisle (You know Target has those magical powers and I am trying to kick my product junkie habit). Even though I was walking fast, I wasn't walking fast enough to miss the price tag on the aisle display. $32.00 for an 8 oz. tube of natural hair gel.

My hair is dense and thick and it's getting longer. There's a good chance that if I was loyal to that brand (or was a major fan of wash and go's) I would have to make some serious life choices. I'd be standing there like:
  • Wait. What's today? When do I get paid?
  • Have I paid my light bill?
  • I wonder if this tube comes with a golden ticket.
  • I COULD take this out of my grocery budget. I've been meaning to go on a fast anyway.

Why oh why are companies still mass producing products that cater to our natural hair for $30.00 or $40.00? When I was newly natural, I used to be all for buying some of the great brands that are all natural and don't test on animals and don't contain any of the natural hair enemies (sulfates, parabens, alcohol, etc.). But now that I know ingredients and their functions, I can pull out my blender and whip up a hair and body cream that works very well and costs about 1/8 the cost of that gel. I refuse to pay that much for hair products!

I have SO many questions. Why do companies insist on charging us extra for being natural? Are natural products REALLY more  expensive to manufacture? Are they charging us for the years of work and fertilizer that it takes to grow organic shea nuts? I just don't understand why these allegedly natural products charge so much more. I would think that it takes more to acquire and produce and test chemical based products with reactacnts. But that's just my opinion. What about you?

What's the most you have paid for a hair product?
Where do you draw the price line?
Also, what's your favorite product under $10?
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