Mar 14, 2012

Discussion: How do you do your natural formal hair?

A bridal flower headband makes this puff more formal

Did you see Viola Davis at the Oscars? What about Esperanza Spalding? Did it make you happy to see women in formal dresses and natural hair? It thrilled me to see natural hair on the red carpet.

However, talk-show host Wendy Williams remarked that Mrs. Davis' hair just wasn't "formal" enough for her taste. This is not a discussion about how we feel about Wendy Williams but talk like this suggests that certain Americans are not comfortable with seeing kinky hair, in it's natural state, on the red carpet. Although there is a trend of African Americans wearing natural hair, there is still an idea that it's not suitable for upscale engagements. It seems that the kinkier the hair is textured, the more informal it's considered.

Kinky hair has been used to make political statements. It's been used to express free spirit. But why can it not express my intelligence?

I admit last year, I straightened my hair for a wedding because I didn't know what to do with it. I did not know what was considered formal for natural hair. That's why I was happy to see Viola Davis and Esperanza Spalding on the red carpet. It helps to reiterate the fact that kinky hair is beautiful and appropriate for all occasions.
Les Nubians sport afros with ballgowns. More photos at the source
I understand everyone doesn't feel that same way; so let's discuss it:
  • Do you agree with Wendy Williams? 
  • Do you think that natural hair is informal? 
  • How do you wear your hair to formal events?
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