Feb 2, 2012

TLC For Your Curls: Part 3 - Protein Treatments

You drink protein to bulk up muscle, but did you know that your hair is also made of (keratin) protein? It's true. That is why protein treatments are so highly recommended. Protein treatments reapply lost protein to weak and damaged strands. Here are some signs that your hair could benefit from a protein treatment.

·         Your hair is brittle and experiencing breakage in the middle of the strands. This is a sign that your hair has become weakened by weather exposure, rough handling, or lack of moisture. If you notice hairs that are 3 cm long and you have 6 inches of hair, you may want to consider adding protein to your regimen.

·         Your hair has been damaged through various chemical processes and heat styling and is feels hard to the touch. Sometimes we can overdo chemical processes. Color and heat styling can be rough on hair. A protein treatment can help prevent breakage and increase manageability.

Split and/or damaged hairs have been broken and has gaps in its protein structure. Protein treatments fill in these gaps, giving you smoother, stronger hair. The bad news is that these treatments cannot reverse damage. If a company advertises that protein treatments can repair 4 of damage with just one (or three, etc.) uses, do not be deceived. Adding protein does not reverse hair damage. Think of protein treatments as asphalt over potholes on the interstate. You are much less likely to blow a tire or have an accident, but the damage is still there.

For healthy hair, a light protein treatment once a month can reinforce healthy hair (web users suggest Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor). For damaged hair experiencing heavy breakage, intense treatments are recommended every 6-8 weeks. (web users suggest Aphogee Two-step Treatment Protein for Damaged Hair) Since all proteins tend to dry hair, they should be followed with a deep conditioner.

You can prevent damage by being gentle and keep hair moisturized. And remember that a protein rich diet is the best way to supply hair with keratin protein. But for regular maintenance and damage control, take some time to reinforce strands by providing an extra boost of protein.
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