Feb 14, 2012

TIPS & Techniques: Cute and easy hair styles for Valentine's Day

Since today is Valentine's Day, I thought I'd post some cute and easy hair styles for natural hair ladies on Valentine's day. Like the pic above, less is more on this special day, because your outfits wil do the talking. Take a look below as I post some cute and super-easy styles to transform your hair from 'What?' to 'WOW!'

The Faux-Hawk - Now that my hair is longer, this is my new fave style. It's super simple too.
  1. Assemble hair in 10-15 two-strand twists
  2. Let hair set, to achieve twisty textures - a couple hours or overnight.
  3. Release hair from twists, separating to desired fullness.
  4. Pull and secure each side of hair up with side combs
  5. Fluff for fullness.
Single Flat-Twist  - I don't know when this style became popular, but everytime I see someone wearing it, I smile. Why? Because it's so effortless and easy - and the outcome is adorable. This works for various lengths too.
  1. Separate hair leaving a desired section for your braid/twist in the front
  2. Flat twist the front area (click link for flat-twist tutorial)
  3. Secure with a bobby-pin

Forward Puff - This is easily my FAVE hairstyle. It's great for special occaisions, and your hair doesn't have to be very long.
  1. If you want, blow your hair out gently with the blow dryer. If not use some gentle tension to elongate any shrunken curls or kinks.
  2. With two hands, push hair forward, securing stray pieces with side combs or bobby pins.
  3. Use a bit of hair gel (aloe vera,  am-pro, etc) to smooth edges and nape of neck
  4. Finger comb to achieve desired fullness

SIDE PART - Here's my picture from this morning. This is my Valentine's Day hair. A simple and easy side part - with PIZAZZ!
  1. Braided my hair and let it set overnight
  2. Remove braids in the morning, finger combing and separating for fullness
  3. Separate hair where you want your part, secure with bobby pins.
Hope this helps! Have an awesome Valentine's Day!!
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