Feb 21, 2012

Product Review: Thank God It's Natural SHEA Products

Recently, the folks over at Thank God I'm Natural sent me a sampler pack of their Shea Butter products. Thank God I'm Natural (from the book that birthed the website) has an online store that sells, bath, body, hair and apparel. The Bath & Body products are named, Thank God IT'S Natural.

You know how I love to try new hair products, so I thought it'd be cool to try some Bath & Body products as well.  I was excited to try this brand since is 100% NATURAL.

When I received my package I could smell a strong lemongrass fragrance before I even opened the package. Below, you can see the various textures of the items I received. The sampler sizes were pretty big! I was surprised.  Click here to purchase the sampler pack.

The Wild Lemongrass Soap was the strongest smelling scent. The Peppermint Lip Balm had a faint smell of mint. The 100% Organic African Shea Butter had no smell at all. So let's break down each item and I'll tell you my favorites.


First up we have the lip balm. I'm a a fan of a good lip balm that smells good, tastes good, and doesn't leave a residue on your lips overtime. This balm hits all the marks. I'm actually in LOVE with it. I wear it under my lipsticks and the product gives my lips a smooth finish. The smell is not overwhelming, and there's now weird taste. This is definitely a GOOD purchase!


 Now, I'll be the first to tell you that I do not own one bar of soap. I don't like soap. I don't like the weird feeling on my skin after I use soap. So, I was reluctant to use this soap. However, what got me to try this soap was the 100% Olive Oil in the soap. When I tell you this soap is the BOMB.COM -  I tell you no lie!!

This soap just feels good in your hands. The lather is  . . . soft. The smell, although strong in the package, leaves a refreshing scent on your body. In addition to lemongrass, they have Cherry Blossum, Ginger Peach, Sugar Pear, White Tea & Ginger, Mango, and an Unscented versions.

Last on the list is the 100% Organic African Shea Butter. I've tried lots of Shea Butter varieties and this is among the best. The softness of the butter is the deciding factor for me. This unscented butter is great on body and on hair. . This is a great product for someone who may be allergic to scented and treated Shea Butters. However, you could possibly mix some essential oils in and make your own fragrance

I'm so happy I was able to try these products. If you are looking for something NEW, this is a great purchase. Click the official website, below, to purchase. Oh yeah, the price-points will not break the bank!

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