Feb 27, 2012

Melissa's Hair: So I decided to do my own boxbraids!

So, my hair and I were not in agreement. After my photo shoot, my hair decided it was angry and wanted to shed, tangle, and shrink. I'm sure this happened because my routine got all messed up. I wasn't washing my hair as often as it likes (every 5 days) and I wasn't protecting it when I slept. I wanted to get some sort of protective style, but my finances were not on the same page.

 One day, I was on Tumblr, and I came across a box-braid tutorial. The Youtuber, Helen, made the technique looks so easy. I figured, I'm pretty good at braiding my hair so why not give it a try. As luck would have it, I had a day off, so I decided to try my own installation.

Ok, so, when I started I didn't have too much faith in the process. My parts aren't too straight and I couldn't reach the back of my head. LOL, but after while, I found my groove. I started on a Sunday night and realized, I could do it.

By the next day, I had it down. I decided to let my parts be a bit more organic, so my braids would fall more naturally. It was at ths point, I realized I had a LOT of hair on my head and my hair is really thick!

Ok, so now, it's like early evening. My arms were so tired, actually aching. I was ready to finish this process. I started to realize I was getting a bit lazy as my arms were tired. So, I ate some dinner, and regained my strength. My perfectionist tendencies were kicking back in.

I added a bit of blond in the back for flare. I couldn't just have brown hair - that's not me! LOL

So, after about 12 hours, I finished the process. I dipped the ends in boliing water to achieve the crinkled look. I'm in LOVE with my braids and so happy I completed the task on my own.  I saved money, and learned a new skill.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at naturalnashville@gmail.com

Here's the video/tutorial I watched to get me started: 
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