Feb 1, 2012

DISCUSSION: There's no perfect product!


When people find out I run a website about natural hair, they always ask me two questions:
1. What's my hair type/curl pattern? - Answer
2. What's a good product for my hair?
I'm pretty good with the first question. The second question is a bit tricky because I have to give the news; there's no perfect product. I'm sorry. I'll give you a moment to get you life together . . . . 

Ladies (and gents) there are 100's of haircare products out there. No matter what type of hair grows out of your scalp, there is always going to be some product that promises to make your hair:
  • Shinier
  • more manageable
  • straighter
  • curlier
  • give you more volume
  • take away the frizz
  • help it grow faster
  • make it thicker
  • etc, etc, etc,
I'm not saying that the claims aren't true. Sometimes the products do do what they say. We do product reviews on our site all the time (CLICK HERE) so we know what you are looking for.

My problem with many naturals (specially the new naturals) is that you expect one product or brand to be the holy grail for your hair. We tend to want a product that will magically make their hair look like [insert natural hair celebrity], but it's not gonna happen. This thought process is the very reason why women become product junkies.

Product Junkies are people who collect every hair care product targeted at their current hair predicament. All those bottles of promises have your bathroom looking like the hair care aisle in Walgreen's. Truth be told, you probably have a solution in your cabinet, but you are so busy chasing after the next best thing, that you barely gave the last best thing a chance.

So what's the solution? How can you stop chasing product dreams and live your natural hair reality? 

1. Take some time to learn your hair and stop asking your hair to do what it doesn't naturally do. My first year being natural, I learned my hair grows UP, not down. So, I found pictures of girls with hair like my hair - hair that reached for the sky and I pulled inspiration from them. I stopped trying to make my hair lay down (that's what the relaxer did) and let it grow like a tree.

2. Use less products and drink more water - I know, I sound crazy, but as you Google your way through this natural journey you will see more long-term naturals (5+ years) using less products. I'm sure it comes from the acceptance that your hair is gonna do what it wants to do and no $50 product is gonna change the plan. But knowing that a product is going to help (not perfect) your hair makes this journey a lot easier and less stressful. In addition, I'm under the notion that folks just need to drink more water. Water is essential for humans to thrive. Water makes your skin glow and your hair grow.

I hope I didn't step on too many toes but when this message sinks in, your journey will become much easier. Thanks for reading!

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