Jan 30, 2012

TLC For Your Curls: Part 2 - Pay Attention to Your Scalp

CLICK HERE for  TLC Part 1-Trimming Your Ends

Water, oil, and massage your scalp - When is the last time you gave your scalp some extra attention? There seems to be such an issue on the proper way to care for your scalp. So the purpose of this post is to make it easy for you. The most important thing to remember is: Your scalp is skin. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • If you have dry skin on your face would you walk around with a face full of flaky skin?
  • Would you take your nails and recklessly scratch dry skin off of your face until you didn't see it anymore?
  • Would you put petroleum jelly on your face? Would you leave said petroleum jelly in place for a week without washing the skin on your face in an effort to prevent dry skin?
  •  Even if you don’t have dry skin, would you walk around for 2 weeks without putting lotion or water on your body? Would you shower and not put lotion on?
You have an idea what would happen if you put petroleum on your face and left it for a week. The same applies to your scalp. Petroleum jelly doesn’t prevent or remedy dandruff. The flakes are still there; petroleum only prevents the flakes of dry skin from falling off of the scalp. Water moisturizes skin. Water your scalp. Seal the water in with oil. 

Massaging oil into your scalp is much more useful than scratching.  When you scratch, you can remove perfectly healthy hairs, and actually make skin on your scalp worse. I RARELY see someone gently scratch an itchy scalp. A scalp massage feels great and helps your skin absorb the oil. It also increases blood flow so that your hair receives more of the oxygen and nutrients that it needs to grow.
Try using stimulating oil such as Dr. Miracle oil with his signature tingle, or African Royale Hot Six Oil (a personal favorite). 

If you prefer to make your own stimulating scalp oil check-out the recipe below: 
Add 2-3 drops of peppermint oil* to 2 ounces of your preferred oil. (Example: 1 ounce olive oil and 1 ounce coconut oil). Saturate scalp, massage, and cover with a plastic cap for at least 30 minutes before rinsing.

Now that you are informed with information and analogies, take action. Your scalp is waiting for you to show that you care. Healthy scalps make for healthy follicles, which make for healthy hair. TLC Part 3 is coming soon.

*Use caution with peppermint oil. That refreshing tingle can quickly become irritable to skin. 3 drops should be sufficient for 2 ounces. Don’t ask me how I know. I don’t want to talk about it.

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