Jan 23, 2012

Sanaa Lathan named the new face of Pantene Pro-V

Actress, Sanaa Lathan, was recently announced as the new face of Pantene. She will represent the company's Nature Fusion line. The current Nature Fusion spokeswoman is Eva Mendez. There's no word on why the chose Sanaa, but I'm sure her great personality, good looks, and gorgeous head of hair helped them make the decision.

I don't think that Sanaa is relaxer/chemical free, but I know most women in Hollywood use weave as a style to protect their hair. The new Pantene line is not directed at strictly black women, but the use of more natural ingredients is becmoing a viable and marketable trend in the beaty and cosmetics world. The truth is, most women want to take care of their hair with the least amount of chemical. I'm not mad at that.

The picture above showa Sanaa and her mother (who is relaxer-free). Pantene is making a great move by incorporating this actress into their roster. I'm sure many women will try the new line based on her commercials.

CLICK HERE for more info on Pantene's Nature Fusion collection

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