Jan 18, 2012

LINK LOVE: BGLH discusses Combing vs. Finger detangling

First up let me give accolades to the website, BGLH aka Black Girl with Long Hair. BGLH was the first site I ran across where the articles made me believe I could do this 'natural' thing. BGLH has a wealth of info about techniques, styles, and hair lust galore! Make sure to check them out.

Anyway, I ran across this article about finger detangling vs. comb detangling and I was intrigued. Personally, I'm more of a comb detangler. I've never had much of an issue with big knots as much as I have an issue with single-strand knots. However, I always detangle my hair, while it's wet (or damp). I NEVER attempt to comb, pick, or brush my hair when it's dry - that will leave me with breakage galore.
"Type 4 hair is the most fragile of all hair types because every curling point along the strand is a potential point of breakage and the curlier the hair the more potential points of breakage. In addition, we curlies have to factor in dryness that results from a lack of sebum traveling down our highly textured strands. (Sebum is an oily substance, released from microscopic sebaceous glands on the scalp, that lubricate the skin and hair.)" - Cipriana, BGLH Contributor
Some people note that the longer their hair becomes, the less they use a comb to detangle, especially with 4a/b/c coils. However, its all about personal choice. What's your technique - let's discuss in the comment box.

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