Jan 2, 2012

DISCUSSION: What's my hair type?

Hola Curly Cuties!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! The NIN crew rested quite nicely - visiting family and friends. But now it's time to get back to business.

So since this is a new year, I know many women are making resolutions and some of you were directed to this page because you did the big chop! If you did, good for you! Now you have the question of all naturals - what is my hair type?

A couple weeks ago I found this handy hair type guide. The hair typing system widely used by natural  women was created by celebrity stylist Andre Walker. I felt this was one of the best illustrations to describe natural hair types. Finding your hair type is the first step to figuring out what products you want to use to get the results you want.

As your hair grows, your hair type will change. You may have several different curl types on your head. Like me, I have am mostly 4a but I have 3c hair on my sides - weird but true. So, get ready!

Keep in mind, no hair type is better than the other. In addition, no hair type grows faster than the other. The key to growing longer and stronger natural hair is retaining moisture, protecting the ends of your hair, and paying attention to what your hair needs by developing a regimen that works for you. This process takes patience, but you can do it. You can grow your hair to great lengths without chemicals.

Check out NaturallyCurly.com they have the best listing of products divided by hair type

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